96th Annual Arkansas PTA Virtual Convention

The year 2020 was full of twists and turns.  Our association is needed more than ever to be the voice of every child as the entire world has been turned upside down by the pandemic not only for us, but for our children.  Through Arkansas PTA, you continue to build the platform for parents to have a voice for their children as those plans are being formulated.  The 96th Annual Arkansas PTA Convention (State Convention) is scheduled for April 17, 2021.  The State Convention is the official meeting of the delegate body of the Arkansas PTA, and this will be our second virtual convention.  We will be voting on new officers as well as approving our 2022 Legislative Agenda.  Check out the links below for the official Call to Convention, links to business documents, updates, and the required Voting Delegate's Confirmation Form.

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Arkansas PTA Scholarship Fund

The Arkansas PTA Scholarship Fund is used to provide up to 4 scholarships annually for students in the field of education.  Two scholarships are for graduating seniors majoring in education, one scholarship is for a teacher working toward furthering or enhancing their education degree, and one is for a parent going to school to get an education degree.  100% of funds received are designated for the scholarship fund.


In order to vote, registered delegates must get their president or secretary to complete the Voting Delegate's Confirmation Form.  This form may be found on the Arkansas PTA website, in the Re-Call to Convention, and on the registration page of this site under Organizer Links.

Voter cards will be mailed to the delegates the week of August 2.  Please have them with you when you log in to the meeting.  

The answer to that is no, but we are currently working on the details.  State law in Arkansas requires that to conduct a meeting and a vote, the members must be able to hear.

Under Organizer Links on the Event page, there is a form to submit to Arkansas PTA if you need to pay by check.  You may register up to 4 delegates on the form.  If you need to register more delegates, please complete additional forms.  If you choose the check option, there is a $2.00 processing fee and your registration will not be complete until payment is received.  To ensure that delegate materials are received by the business meeting, payment must be received by Arkansas PTA by April 9.  After April 9 all communications from Arkansas PTA may be in electronic format.

Arkansas PTA is still working out the details of the morning, but we know that your weekend time is precious!  It is our goal to be completed by 12:00 pm.  When plans are finalized, we will update the event with a better timeline!

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PTA was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn. Membership is open to anyone who believes in the mission and purposes of the Parent Teacher Association. The mission of Arkansas PTA is to be a relevant and responsive resource for the engagement of families, schools and communities, in the education and well-being of children and youth in Arkansas.

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This meeting will be recorded. The recording and all of its contents will be the property of Arkansas PTA.